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tv   [untitled]    March 8, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PST

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>> i would say in the course of the plan the capital plan has some fairly optimistic general support that would go to those infrastructure needs, however, i'm much for confident as we present the bike and pedestrian strategies to the mayor's task force and people have an bd of how we really need those investments in order to achieve our investment goals to make traffic work as the population grows i'm more confident that that process will yield the recommendations for how we may have 30 or o more strategies for the traffic as well. >> thank you. >> yeah. i just want to acknowledge that unfortunately, i read about a pedestrian that
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was killed last night by a speeding drunk driver. i just want to reiterate the ongoing certain in since of urgency in improving our bicycle and pedestrian traffic. these aren't more than just strategies those are ways to keep people save in addition to car traffic. i recognize this doesn't going to be sufficient to cover everything. i mean last time there really has to be a sense of urgency because i think there's a lot of issues for the board of supervisors and clearly we've
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got a great need >> thank you are there members of the public who wish to speak? >> i can wait. >> good afternoon just two items under the director's report to follow up on items on items how many sign-ups have there been up to date and there's reference to the federal fund given to the budget all the time that failed the federal sequesterer that was in place i'm wondering in terms of offering the fund but more in terms of offering capital fund
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can you direct your answers. >> more than a half of 12 thousand. >> i think i reported this before there were a a number of imincomplete applications. our estimate of total population from all age groups we think we're more than halfway there in a relatively short period of time from december. we'll be reporting that from a couple of requests from board members and we'll report on i imagine we'll have that in a cough of most. in terms of not only how many
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have applied. i probably should have raised this. in terms of the sequesterer it's difficult to see what the impact will be. the small starts program and the tiger programs in which we have ail activity grants. basically without a sequesterer there's kind of the spending plan, there's the president's mark and usually things gets shaved down a bit. there will be 1 hundred and 92 million will maybe get stretched
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out a little bit. i think each program has cut about 5 percent so i think our best guess it the best case we may get 5 percent less than we were anticipating. that's why the last time, we presented the strategy that we would have needed anyway. any cash flow that is cut will create some cash flow problems. by the federal government has not told you how this will effect us yet. i think they will extend for another 6 months the continuing resolution so they will never put a budget in place they'll
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just continue what the budget was from last year. so a little bit on impact on those grant programs no impacks on the operating budget >> thank you for the question. next item and item that 8 and citizens. public comment they're some members of public. charles and followed by gordon and two others. >> good morning director charles on behalf of lubrication cab company. i'm here to express our certain over the illegal cabs. directors it's incommendable to
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us that the city turns a blind eye to this. their disdainful of the laws and public safety as well. one conventions is the shortage of drivers. that will be somewhat eliminated. but the shortage of drivers in the taxi business is very much agree evaded by the willing operators who higher the drivers without permits, without background checks. this is a distraction. it's one of many ways that the willing operators are undermining the licenses taxi
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industry. and again, i only urge you to a strong enforcement efforts that are long overdue. thank you >> next speaker please. gordon row >> i've come to tall one balancing - park station. people in san jose after a thousand people a day a thousand days that's one million people dropped off into traffic. that's unacceptable that's one every 3 a and a half years. also another problem 2 hundred people try to cross geneva
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avenue everyday. the cars leon on both sides of the street 2 thousand people r. and someone's going to get killed. it's a low priority. in the meantime, you're studying 70 millions and 60 millions for student traffic. it might cost 3 hundred thousands to serve traffic across the avenue. in the meantime someone's going to get killed there. i want you to reexam your priority. people have just as right as
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much to safety >> david. >> david again two items on general public comment. regarding shelters i have spoken about the new shelters and those locations don't have muni signs. again, i would ask if i could follow-up what the new contradiction is for the new shelters and including high volume park station on 19th and the other street don't have muni shelters. and i understand there's a special spring break transit schedule for march 25th. i think this is another bad idea we have not in the past had
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special schedules for the end of the year or during school break. we've operated a non-day reconcile schedule. people go to work and need a bus in the morning our week day non-schedules should not be determined by the students. so this is again, i not going to be confusing for operates, for the public and this was not brought to the citizens advisory counsel. i don't know who decided this and it certain was not called out in last year's budget. again, i think this is pa bad idea and when they're a non-school day we should operate
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a non-die school schedule. and this just creates confusion unnecessarily and it doesn't cost much money. >> good afternoon mr. wiener. >> i'd like to comment what david stated about the proposed schedule for the spring break. any suggestion like this should really be presented to the public before it's implement. that is a unilateral proposal. and it's really to show how bad this proposal is are you going to run buses on a saturday schedule for summer rewarding the students.
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so any instruction in service should be rid of by the public. i want to propose evacuations of muni administrator by subordinates. in other words, the bus driver should be able to evaluate all the people up the chain of command. this makes the way for reform. the fact that the buses don't function well, is due to the faculty of managers. they're not operating properly. this has been a terrible delivery system. i think there ought - employees should be able to evaluate their own supervisors.
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>> 3 more individuals. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon taxi driver i want to correct myself two weeks ago i commented that the drivers of wide sharing serves were issued 1099s. and they don't have to pay their state or federal they don't need the 10 ninz i if they had out. and if you ask questions if point training like where's my 1099 your told that your services are not needed. their bragging on their website they've got 5 hundred lifts and sidecars their satisfactory than
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taxis. no fingerprints for the driver no random drug test and the background test is a very simple grade consumer report. like if you were going to rent an apartment. its overdue but if you allow the open-end system on the other end your promised an open app in january which year in january? i think - also the street becomes dangerous and the drivers are being threatened by those sidecar drivers. i'm worried about going to work
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now. we're going to enter into some kind of turf war here. the streets are the workplace of the taxi drivers and i'm worried. >> good morning barring san francisco can be drivers association. i agree with the last two speakers. i noticed there's no left turn on powell which should be like only from 7 to 9:00 a.m. there's a lot of times there are no cars there and taxis have to take some people several blocks to get around that.
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i think we should be able to turn left during certain times of the day. and speaking of professional drivers there's all these cars getting away with ride share privileges. and 33.605 says they have to go to anna dissemination for professional services. they pick up flags. the town cars are just as bad they wait in lines and can be lines in front of the clubs, they steal our fairs and we're
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not allowed to charge certain prize. they negotiate their prize and i agree we need to stop those guys from running rampant. there were several confrontations already. and next speaker >> good afternoon directors. 12 clock afternoon i was at this plays. 3 hundred cabs were lined up just to get in there was no business in the city. i decided it would take me thirty minutes just to get inside and out i thought heck with the city on on the way to
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city it took 20 minutes to counterclaim i made $20 eaten after 1 o'clock after 60 plus 80 minutes i got one customer. one customer gave me a $4 tip it was a muni customer. the city was all the area where downtown i drove more than 10 miles not a single fair. train has left. i can't stop it. if it were a private entrepreneur the owner would go to the bridge and commit
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suicide. workers took over the city and people are holding in hair hands phones and waiting for the black cars coming. our - they are going to look into putting 4 hundred cabs because mta is their client not one plays for one can be. march 14th and we're coming here and you'll see hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of us here. please listen to us and stop what you're doing thank you, sir >> the last speaker is trevor johnson. >> good morning. i'd like to speak will the list
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and sidecars as well. these guys are currently operating over a thousand unlicensed and uninsured taxis and cars in the city. they prey on the city's ignorance for the point to point transportation. those companies promote he heavy to their drivers to work the busy times. this makes them taxi companies and they're not. their promoting ride sharing and they're saying that their fares are donations. their claiming they meet interesting people that's why
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i'm a cab driver. i've seen focusing other side of extortion on focusing. there's 3 people driving under one company paper. these drivers are actively soliciting business around bars and so forth. this is the ultimate down side to the cabs. the ss m pa miss use the bus spaces for - we need taxi cops
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guys. >> memorable. >> i'm also + just not of the university. i'm here to discuss the inaction. this project hadn't been implemented is simply unconscionable. everyday thousands of people risk their lives for no reason other than the dysfunctional department here. here in san francisco we have coming up a transit first city meeting. we're second process and third
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apply kate motorist and fifth, if people like myself had time to come down here we could actively get those projects implemented. at the time i implored i to take the opportunity to start an action to - no more excuses. we need this project pledged. thousands of people are risking their lives everyday. >> anybody else? >> item 10. >> before we go mr. reiskin the point is about the left turn on
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holt can somebody look into that and next time come back. >> okay item 10 is consent calendar those items are considered to be routine and unless a member the public wishes to separate the items. one member of the public wants to separate one item. >> motion two approved. >> any further decision? >> thank you, very much. let's go to 10.3. >> david i did get a chance to
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review this item. i just wanted to be contrary on the record that i don't believe that this project is desirable or necessary i'm opposed to the underlying project on brotherhood way and i want to raise a certain certain on calendar review. i believe this is a discretionary action to accept the funds and essential construct the traffic signal at this location. i don't think it should rely on past documents that didn't take into account the expansion in the neighborhood and impact the area. normally when theirs an
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approveal. i don't see there's no reference for city planning he determination. i have those questions and i'd like your reaction on them thanks >> do i want to speak to us at all? good afternoon mr. chair members of the board. and this is a development project that was approved by the planning commission and the construction of the signal partial signal is part of the requirement for the approval. and basicly it's open the southern edge of san francisco
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and the south side is pop laid by churches and a couple of schools. and this partly parcel is right across from 55 brotherhood way where the day school is located. so this project will complete the fourth leg of the 3 legged intersection so the residents will be able to indebris and egress. if we don't allow that they would have to, no way to turn right ever left at the stop sign. the cost of this particular construction of the leg of the intersection involves us designing the partial signal and the developing the actual design and the developer will take out
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specifics and turn it back after we accept it. the cost also includes our maintenance and it's estimated to be a thirty year life the project at $3,000 a year. so the cost includes the maintenance. >> any other comments? >> would we quickly get an opinion? has the process been done correctly and i believe that we hadn't - >> yes, this is marilyn it's my understanding that the signal was part of the project thatas